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Project Description

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP is supporting BeagleBone and BeagleBoneBlack Boards,  supporting BeagleBoneBlack Capes together.

As we all know Windows Embedded CE 6.0 is a great real-time operating system and used widely in Industry Automation,HMI,Portable Navigation,ePOS,Automation Consumer Electorinics and so on, now we successfully make the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 OS running on the Great OpenSource Hardware BeagleBone and BeagleBoneBlack together with its capes.

BeagleBoneBlack and BeagleBone


BealgeBoneBlack CAEPS Supported Now(Will Support other capes in the near future)

BeagleBone LCD7 Cape  (BeagleBoardToys)      BeagleBone LCD4 Cape (BeagleBoardToys)

LCD7-Toys                                     LCD4-Toys

4D 4.3 LCD CAPE (4D SYSTEMS)                           4D 7.0 LCD CAPE (4D SYSTEMS)

4D-4.3 LCD CAPS                                   4d system 7 LCD Cape

BeagleBone Memory Expansion (CircuitCo)

Beaglebone Black Expansion(Capacitive & Resistive From CHIPSEE)

 Beaglebone Black Expansion(Capacitive)          Beaglebone Black Expansion(Resistive)


ChipSee 4.0 LCD Cape For BeagleBoneBlack

chipsee 4.0 lcd cape

 Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP Features For BealgeBone & BealgeBoneBlack with CAPES

  • High Speed eMMC Support
  • SDHC Micro SDCard Support Upto 32G
  • 512MB DDR3
  • Persistend Registry Support
  • HDMI Display Support (1280x720)
  • LCD Display Support (800x480,1024x600,800x600,480x272 and so on)
  • RS232/RS485 Support
  • GPIO Button Support
  • Backlight Support
  • USB OTG & HOST Support
  • SPI Bus and I2C Bus Support
  • Resistive and Capactive TouchScreen Support
  • AIC3106 Audio Support  
  • CPGMAC Ethernet Support
  • NANDFlash Support with Firmware into NAND and Bootlogo update dynamically
  • External I2C RTC Chip Support
  • WL1271 Support (IF NEED)
  • NLED Support
  • Auto-Run Programs


The Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP for BeagleBone and BeagleBoneBlack is FORSALE. Of course, Demostration and Evaluation Images are provided here.

If anyone need the bsp, pls do not hesitate to contack with me through or my codeplex account here. We provide some supports to help you to solve some problems during your development, and if you want us re-design or help you to develop special bsp for your own boards, it is ok to us.

Of course, if you have any question during evaluating our images, pls contact with us through above email.


1. WinCE6.0 image New Added to support 4D System 7.0T and 4.0T.

2. WinCE6.0 image New Added to support ChipSee 4.0“ LCD Cape.

3. WinCE6.0 image Updated For BeagleBone LCD7 Cape from                         

    BeagleBoardToys. Fixed some bugs.


Update New Download images for Click-once Download.


Important Note

Images here can just be used for evaluation, it should never be used for production.

If you want to use for production, you need buy the bsp source code from me and wince6 os and platform development license from microsoft, then you can rebuild the images for produciton use.


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